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Be branded.

Phello is a personal branding system for senior-level executives.

It’s amazing that executives looking for new positions or paid board roles, typically reach out to fewer than a dozen close contacts.

Phello leverages your decades of professional service to expand your network—and communicate regularly with them—so that you’re top of mind when colleagues are looking for executive leadership.

Hello Phello

“The biggest mistake corporate executives make is spending their entire careers branding the companies they work for—and not themselves.”

Kurt Phelps, Founder of Phello

Phello takes the tools used to market major brands and puts them to work for YOU.

  • 50%
    of all executive roles are filled through promotion
  • 40%
    are through your network
  • 10%
    are through job boards, recruiting firms, etc.

The Phello personal brand-building process creates opportunities.

Phello Process

Despite years of success at the highest levels of corporate America, most top executives are surprisingly unprepared to make career transitions—planned or not.

You may have associated with thousands of people during your career, but you only know how to connect with a fraction of them.

Phello will research, create, and strategically expand your network.

You’re not “selling yourself.” Instead, you’re making people aware—in a systematic way—that you are accessible and eager to serve.

Phello gives you the tools you need to communicate with the hundreds of people in your network.




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We provide you with the resources to create, manage and host your own website, allowing your network to get to know you professionally and personally. Your website reflects your individuality because you choose what information about yourself to include, such as photos, insight questions, work experience, education, and career accomplishments. We keep it fresh by adding new website features monthly. Visit the personal website of a Phello member at
The benefits of using CRM tools is indisputable. Phello takes the CRM to a new level with the creation of the PRM—Professional Relationship Manager. Import your contacts from any tool—such as LinkedIn, Outlook, Google, and Yahoo—to Phello’s PRM to easily organize and efficiently record your history of communication with the people in your network. You’ll soon see how strengthening your relationships with your contacts opens the doors to endless opportunities, including new positions, paid board roles, renewed alma mater connections, business partnerships, university consulting, philanthropic endeavors, VC/PE relationships, and business investments.
Are you in with the 99% of Executives that communicates on a personal level with fewer than 20 people in your professional network annually? Phello’s automated email tool makes it easy to strengthen your relationships by helping you communicate with your entire network on a regular basis.
All of the technical information you need to get the most out of the Phello platform is just a click away with our complete User Guide.
You’ll have digital access to your own team of marketing experts, who are waiting to support you as you create your website, write email campaign letters, follow-up with your contacts, or help you with any other marketing questions you may have.
Do you like talking to a real person when you have a question or concern? Our marketing team experts are here for you! Schedule a phone call or take advantage of our digital marketing support at any time.

Say Hello to Phello with a free 15-minute consultation.

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